Sunday, September 4, 2016

Nature Republic Haul!

Hi loves! It's been a while since I've made a blog post, sorry about that. Hopefully I'll post more this year. Anyways, I wanted to do a skincare post today because a Nature Republic opened up in my local mall! I'm really excited having a Korean skincare store so close to my house. I popped over and bought a couple of things and was even gifted some by friends. I plan on doing reviews on the full sized products soon. 

First item I got was an emulsion, which I've been needing in my skincare routine for a long time. Emulsions help supplement and provide moisture in the routine. Aside from an emulsion being great for helping make skin more supple, I chose the green tea product because green tea has a million fantastic benefits, and I'm just a huge green tea lover~. I'm hoping this will help keep my skin clear and depuff parts of my face as well add extra moisture. This cost a little less than $15. 

This product I've been looking at for a couple weeks now. It's their argan deep care hair mask. At first I was looking for the pack that came in a little tub, but they only had this version instead. This type is a one-time use and comes with a hair cap, which is really convenient! I'm hoping it'll make my hair shinier and more voluminous and if it works, I'll probably look for the full pack online. These cost about $4.50 each. 

Next is Nature Republic's Real Nature Aqua Gel mask. This mask was actually gifted to me by a friend who bought 10 masks to get another free 10 for only $30. I've used the green tea one and the difference between a gel mask and a sheet mask is definitely noticeable! It feels best if the mask is refrigerated for a couple of hours and then used. I'm excited to see how different this canola honey mask feels from the green tea one.  

Finally, I always appreciate these little samples that Korean skincare stores always give you. They gave me an emulsion from their AQUA line, a snail-based face cream (ooh!), and a green tea hand lotion from their line of many, many different hand lotions. 

I'm really excited to try these products and hopefully do reviews on a couple of them in the near future! 

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