Friday, September 23, 2016

Review: Nature Republic Fresh Green Tea 70 Emulsion

Hi everyone, back with another review from my Nature Republic haul from a few weeks ago! This time, I'll be reviewing their Fresh Green Tea emulsion. I have been using this for a long enough time now to give a thorough review. For those who don't know emulsion is a later step in the skincare process to provide extra moisture and whatever other effects wanted. It should also be noted that I have sensitive, normal type skin. Let's get started!
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I really adored the packaging for this product! It seems that all of Nature Republic's packaging is eco-friendly, recyclable, and printed with a soy-based ink; all of which I fully support! The colors and design are also simple and very nice to look at.

Here are the ingredients for those who are interested for ethical reasons or allergy reasons. As you can see, there are quite a few ingredients that are natural, including the key ingredient, camellia sinensis leaf water, or more commonly known as green tea extract. The product stays true to its claims and has a #1 ingredient of a tea leaf that is an anti-oxidant, anti-carcinogen, and has anti-aging properties.

The bottle itself is quite sturdy and clearly is not made of any cheap material. 

There was a safety seal in the top of bottle for protection, which I always appreciate~. Now, I have found that this method of dispense for the product has some major flaws. When I first started using the emulsion, I couldn't get the product out at all no matter how much I shook the bottle onto my hand. For the first week, I had to scoop it out with a Q-tip! This was an inconvenience, but now that I've loosened up the product, I have no problems anymore getting it out. 

The product had a slightly thick consistency, but applied on really smoothly! It spread and absorbed into the skin quite easily, no resistance at all. My skin always feels more refreshed and supple after applying. There's also little to no smell.

As for the effects, I have been using this product for about three weeks and have noticed no negative side effects. I have sensitive skin and have not broken out all. My skin has also become slightly more hydrated and clear and hopefully will continue to get better as time passes. 

With all these effects factored in, I give this product a 

This product is no miracle worker and has flawed packaging, but with time, it does it's job. I recommend this product for those with normal to combination skin. Dry-skin types would also benefit from this product, but more in the warmer months. I also very much appreciate the ethical message Nature Republic sends with its products. I hope to try and review more in the future!

What are your thoughts on the product? Let me know of your favorite emulsions! Thank you for reading!

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