Monday, January 18, 2016

My Plans for this Blog

So it's 2016 and I've now had this blog for a little over... 3 years now? And things have changed! Very incrementally of course, but there are still changes happening. Let's chat about what's going on.

I originally started this blog to post anime reviews for fun since at the time I was watching a bunch of different series and thought it'd be fun to post my opinions, and it was! But as time passed, I became lazy and started watching less anime. As of now, I watch about one series per season and MAYBE whatever's on Netflix. 

Lately, I've been inspired by emi's blog to explore my growing love for himekaji fashion more, notably Liz Lisa. I've been interested in jfashion since the beginning of high school, but it was only a year or two ago did I realize how much I love the casual princess look that himekaji is. I bought a few Liz Lisa pieces of my own when I visited Japan in 2014, and ever since then have wanted to buy more! It makes me even happier that there is a small community dedicated to this style and I've even made a few friends from it.

And then recently, I found Rachel Nguyen and her blog/YouTube and was just completely blown away by how personal, honest, and raw all her content was. She wasn't creating to gain popularity but to outlet her interests and imagination. Her hard work is inspiring to me makes me want to explore my own creativity.

Of course, in the end I really just want to find my own personal style, one that I can call my own. I used to find popular bloggers and want to copy who they were (like Jasmine-blu lol), but I've changed over the years and now I'd rather create an aesthetic entirely my own instead of being a carbon copy of the last "kawaii" girl. Of course, I'll still always love cute things! That will no doubt stay a part of me, but I want this blog to represent more than that. I want it to be a fresh blend of everything that is me, whether that's Liz Lisa or Japan or intense talks about whatever's on my mind. I also really want to keep this blog so I have a healthy creative outlet throughout my life. As a STEM major, there isn't much room for the arts and I want to keep the right side of my brain active! Thank goodness for fashion for keeping me in balance.

 I'm transitioning from my late teenage years into adulthood, and I'm excited to document myself to see what I create! And I hope you continue to read along to see what happens too! Thanks for having this chat with me.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Liz Lisa 2016 Fukubukuro

I really wasn't planning on buying a Liz Lisa fukuburo this year since I didn't have the funds, so you can imagine how happy I was when my boyfriend surprised me with it for Christmas! I've never bought a fukubukuro before, so I'm pretty excited to finally have one. 

There were four different types of sets that were available on Tokyo Otaku Mode; a tote and a Boston bag each with a casual and sweet set. There was a premium My Melody tote available on Tokyo Kawaii Life, but not TOM. The set my boyfriend got me was off of TOM, and I'm really glad he got the one I wanted! I have to admit though, I'm a little disappointed that they didn't release a trunk this year, I was really looking forward to purchasing one lol. My fukubuuro ended up having all the items from the sample release!

Pink Hooded Coat:

I'm really happy that the fukubukuros include a coat because I have been vying for a Liz Lisa coat for a very long time. The color is new to my outerwear collection, not to mention it is all around perfect for the current cold weather in my area. The coat on its own costs around $110 and is very high quality. The inside texture keeps me warm and the fur on the hood is quite comfortable as well! I usually wear it with the buttons unfastened, but the removable bow adds a very cute touch!

 Collared Long-Sleeve Blouse:

This blouse makes me so happy because I can create so many more outfits with it! It has a tight, ribbed fitting, so it ends up looking flattering when I put it on. The lace design on the collar is a very darling touch, and the bow ties the whole piece together. On it's own, the blouse costs about $50. This shirt is now an essential in my growing himekaji wardrobe. I'm really excited to wear this out through the rest of the winter season!

Brown Floral Sukapan:

At first, I was a little iffy on getting this skirt. I don't think I have many clothes that I can coordinate an outfit this skirt with because of the color scheme, but the challenge also excites me! Despite that, the skirt fits quite nicely and I'm really glad that it fits with a wide elastic band rather than a zipper. The skirt seems like a great piece to wear in every season, so I'm going to try to make the most use of it in the future! The skirt individually sells for about $51 as well. 

Rose Patterned Tote Bag:

I am in love with this tote! Even if I were to get clothes that weren't my favorite, I would be okay because I adore this bag so much. The roominess inside makes it easy to pack just about anything inside. I can use it for everyday use for work or school, or even as a carry on for whenever I travel. The outer pattern is also a big plus for me, I don't own any bags that are as feminine as this one! Everything from the lace to the bows makes it elegant and cute. 

All the clothes together as a coordinate:

I love all these clothes together as an outfit and when I wore it out together with UNIQLO tights, it kept me super warm! Individually, the clothing items totaled together would have priced to over $200, so the 2016 fukubukuro has a lot of value! I'm quite happy with this year's and I'm looking forward to next year's as well.