Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Face Shop + Kiko Milano Haul!

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've made a post because college has started and life has gotten busier. But I'm really excited to show you some purchases that I recently made! The Face Shop, a Korean skincare brand, opened up in the town neighboring mine so I made a visit yesterday and got quite a few nice things. The mall near my house also opened a new huge section filled with brand new skincare, make up, and clothing stores. So let's get this haul going~ 

These first couple of products were actually a complimentary gift from the store! My total for my purchase came out to be enough money to receive four free items and these face masks were a part of the options, so of course I chose them. I've heard many good reviews about The Face Shop's face masks, the main one being that they use natural ingredients that smell pleasant and act effectively. 

The first mask is a natural shea butter face mask that will firm and supplement your skin with the magical moisturizing and anti-aging properties of shea butter. 

The second mask I received is a real nature mask in blueberry. This mask will help moisturize skin as well, but it will also soften it! Both these masks help keep the skin nice, dewey, and taut.

 I actually bought another pair of masks that aren't pictured because I used them, but I also purchased a couple of dragon character masks! I mainly got them as a cute activity that my boyfriend and I could do, but the character masks also made my skin feel incredibly dewey and moisturized. So if you want to have add a little fun in your skin care routine, I definitely recommend purchasing some! Next time I'm getting the tiger masks~

The biggest purchase (imo lol) I made at The Face Shop was the Pomegranate and Collagen Volume Lifting Essence. I knew that I wanted to get something for my daily skincare routine that would help make my skin look poreless and tight. I wasn't sure what to buy though, but luckily the shop woman was very helpful in guiding me through the steps of Korean skincare. She told me that essence is an essential addition to the layering routine and I after I told her my skin type, she recommended me some products, and my favorite was this! The Pomegranate and Collagen essence has a light, but fruity smell to it and I'm currently applying it both day and night. It'll help with tightening my pores and face even more with that natural fruity collagen~ 

As you can see from the swatch, the product goes on really smoothly. It's not too creamy or heavy and the smell isn't strong either. It goes on the skin really easily and I'm really excited to see how my face looks after a few weeks of using it! 

At the end of the purchase, the shop woman gave me even MORE free items, these times little samples of their other products! The three on the top are a part of their White Seed line. She gave me a set of toner, essence, and lotion and should be applied in that order. The White Seed line adds an extra effect of whitening with each product. I've heard generally positive opinions, so we'll see how it goes when I use them! 

The second sample I was given is the Chia Seed sebum control moisture cream. It contains 0% oil, so the product should help minimize the level of oiliness on the face. In daily routine, this cream should be applied last, right after the lotion. I've heard super good reviews on this product as well and I'm hoping that it'll help decrease oil in my trouble areas! 

Lastly, my purchase from the new mall in my area. I visited a new store called Kiko Milano that has had positive reviews on their products. I was in the market for a long lasting lipstick that wouldn't come off from drinking water or kissing my boyfriend. One of the make-up concierges recommended me the Matte Muse Lipstick that I bought in # 02! 

The lipstick goes on pretty thick and after drying up leaves a matte look. 

I adore the color and after wearing it out for a couple days, I have to say, I'm really impressed! After the lipstick dried, it was hard to get off. It wouldn't rub off no matter how many times I kissed my hand and the swatch I made this morning still hasn't come off! The color is sweet and subtle, which is perfect and overall I'm pleased with this product. I'll definitely be visiting Kiko again. 

Thanks for reading!