Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kill La Kill Episode 18 Reaction

This week's episode of Kill La Kill was, arguably, one of its best episodes of the season to date. Not only did it answered a million questions, but it created a million more questions to be asked. But in the end, it basically BLEW ME AWAY. Studio Trigger, you crafty bastards!
The episode started off strong with Satsuki having just stabbed her own mother, revealing that the academy was her own personal army. This was already pretty shocking to me and it made sense, especially after the king of the hill battles. The uniform hunting was explained too, since now the Four Devas have boss ass armor. Everything makes sense!!!
The episode also talked about Satsuki's past, especially focusing on her late father (digging the hair). The past was pretty intense, only showing more how insane Ragyou is when she showed NO EMOTION when her second child died. 
Ragyou also ended up being incredibly stronger than I thought. She still lived even when her head was cut off!!!! Furthermore, she was able to basically kick Satsuki's ass and take Junketsu for herself. 
Aside from Ragyou being a boss ass bitch, Ryuko made a lot of progress, strength wise. It was super fulfilling seeing Nui thrown off guard. But of course, the most shocking, craziest, holy-fucking-shit part of the show was the end. 
Ryuko is actually the supposedly dead second child of the Kiryuins. 
And that, my friends, is where the whole show starts turning in a different direction. Not only is Ryuko the long lost daughter, but her body is just like Ragyou's: intertwined with life fibers. This will undoubtedly change the pace of the season and I am SO PUMPED to see what other hidden secrets and plot building events will happen next.