Monday, January 18, 2016

My Plans for this Blog

So it's 2016 and I've now had this blog for a little over... 3 years now? And things have changed! Very incrementally of course, but there are still changes happening. Let's chat about what's going on.

I originally started this blog to post anime reviews for fun since at the time I was watching a bunch of different series and thought it'd be fun to post my opinions, and it was! But as time passed, I became lazy and started watching less anime. As of now, I watch about one series per season and MAYBE whatever's on Netflix. 

Lately, I've been inspired by emi's blog to explore my growing love for himekaji fashion more, notably Liz Lisa. I've been interested in jfashion since the beginning of high school, but it was only a year or two ago did I realize how much I love the casual princess look that himekaji is. I bought a few Liz Lisa pieces of my own when I visited Japan in 2014, and ever since then have wanted to buy more! It makes me even happier that there is a small community dedicated to this style and I've even made a few friends from it.

And then recently, I found Rachel Nguyen and her blog/YouTube and was just completely blown away by how personal, honest, and raw all her content was. She wasn't creating to gain popularity but to outlet her interests and imagination. Her hard work is inspiring to me makes me want to explore my own creativity.

Of course, in the end I really just want to find my own personal style, one that I can call my own. I used to find popular bloggers and want to copy who they were (like Jasmine-blu lol), but I've changed over the years and now I'd rather create an aesthetic entirely my own instead of being a carbon copy of the last "kawaii" girl. Of course, I'll still always love cute things! That will no doubt stay a part of me, but I want this blog to represent more than that. I want it to be a fresh blend of everything that is me, whether that's Liz Lisa or Japan or intense talks about whatever's on my mind. I also really want to keep this blog so I have a healthy creative outlet throughout my life. As a STEM major, there isn't much room for the arts and I want to keep the right side of my brain active! Thank goodness for fashion for keeping me in balance.

 I'm transitioning from my late teenage years into adulthood, and I'm excited to document myself to see what I create! And I hope you continue to read along to see what happens too! Thanks for having this chat with me.

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