Friday, September 9, 2016

Review: Nature Republic Argan Deep Care Hair Mask

Hi everyone~! This hair mask was included in my Nature Republic haul last week and right after I made that post, I decided to use it to showcase if it worked well or not. My hopes for this product are that if it does its job, then I'll go out and get myself a full version!

The packaging was pretty straightforward. I really like the simplistic design and the materials used seems to be recyclable as well! It didn't seem cheap at all. 

Like mentioned before in my haul, the mask comes with its own shower cap for convenience. I didn't have any shower caps before buying this, so I was really pleased! As you can see, the package is split up into steps. Step 1 contains the actual mask and once you're done lathering the product evenly over your hair, you open Step 2 and put on the provided cap. Really simple and easy!

The treatment had a slightly thick consistency, but still watery enough to easily lather onto my hair. It did have a really pleasant scent that wasn't strong at all!

The shower cap was a paper/plastic blend and held my hair together really well, but it seems to be made for one-time use only. 

While I was waiting the 20 minutes with the cap on, I noticed that the treatment was starting to feel really warm on my scalp! It didn't sting at all, but I definitely could feel my scalp getting warmer from the treatment. I took this as a sign of the mask activating and doing it's job. It wasn't too uncomfortable, but I didn't mind it in the end.

Here is what my hair looked like the morning after I used the treatment. My tips look so much better and my hair has definitely gotten shinier! The effects have lasted for almost a week now, and multiple people have noticed that my hair looks healthier. It's not as voluminous as I want it to be yet, but I'm still very satisfied with the results. I'm definitely going to buy the full-sized tub in the future. 

However, keep in mind that my hair is naturally thick and straight, so I cannot say for certain that people with curlier, coarser, or thinner hair would experience the same amount of effectiveness as I did. If this product is used consistently for at least once a month, changes will definitely occur. Because of this, I'm giving this product a 

Rating: 9/10

I completely recommend this product for those who want to try a hair mask. The full size is available on Amazon, but if you live near a Nature Republic, try this product when you can! 

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