Thursday, July 2, 2015

Magic Kingdom 2015

This post is the second of four posts about my trips to the Walt Disney World parks. This time, it's all about my trip to the Magic Kingdom, Disney World's biggest and most famous park! If you live in California, Magic Kingdom is the Florida counterpart to Anaheim's Disneyland. It has all the same lands as it: Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Frontierland, and Adventureland. I had the pleasure of experiencing the park in its entirety!

 Outfit Rundown
Minnie ears: Tokyo Disney Sea
Polka Dot Dress: Shimamura (in Japan) 
Sandals: Birkenstocks

This outfit was inspired by Minnie Mouse 

The centerpiece of the Magic Kingdom was the beautiful Cinderella's castle. It's definitely bigger than the Sleeping Beauty castle, and there was also a platform where performances by Disney characters would be held every few hours. As you can tell, there were quite a bit of people at the park, so it was difficult to get a good shot. 

The first land that we hit up was Frontierland! This land had Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain almost right next to each other, so the area was very densely packed. We rode Splash Mountain as our first ride to cool off in the beginning of the day! We had our card programmed with Fast Passes for both of these rides, so we were able to get on quickly. I noticed that towards midday, the wait times for these rides became ridiculously long, over 90 minutes for each! 

We went to Tomorrowland next and the first attraction we went to was a show-type that they don't have in California called "Stitch's Great Escape." The attendees are basically being "recruited" by the intergalactic police in Lilo & Stitch, when they capture Stitch and he..well... Escapes! It's a whole lot of fun to experience and I wish they had this attraction in Disneyland. 

The Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom was much more spacious than the one in Disneyland. There were more rides, stores, and the design truly made it as if we were in a futuristic society. I adored all the details in the architecture that created an atmosphere of elegance and technology. 

Another show that was Disney World-Tomorrowland exclusive was Monsters Inc's Laugh Floor. The attraction takes place after the events of the Monsters Inc movie, where laughter is needed now to supply power. We were put in a room modeled after a comedy club and monsters on the screen would come out and tell jokes to make the audience laugh. They use the same technology as the Turtle Talk with Crush attraction, so the show was charmingly interactive as well. I enjoyed it quite a bit!

When we went into Fantasyland, one of my main goals was to get a picture with at least one Disney princess. Luckily, my favorite princess, Cinderella, along with Rapunzel, was in the Fairy Tale Princess Hall! (I could have that name wrong) There were two lines, one for Ana and Elsa and the other for Rapunzel and Cinderella. Luckily the line I went into was much shorter, so I got to see them after waiting about half an hour. The interior of the hall was beautiful! The portraits on the wall had all the Disney Princesses and there was a gorgeous replica of Cinderella's glass slipper. 

Rapunzel was such a sweetheart! She acted super bubbly and we had a conversation about my ears and how she wanted to make some for Pascal. She was always smiling so I felt really comfortable despite how awkward I was. 

I absolutely lost it when I met Cinderella. She was my favorite princess as a child, so you can imagine how excited I was! She acted very elegant and was kind as well. I told her how I've loved her for a long time and she invited to me a ball. So sweet! 

The Fantasyland in Florida was very beautiful and recently gone through renovations, perhaps a couple or few years back. All the buildings were polished, well detailed, and very elegant-looking. I felt like I was walking through a dream! 

We watched another show called Mickey's Philharmagic, which was a 4-D show that presented and celebrated the wonderful music used in Disney films throughout the years. It followed Donald, who had secretly used Mickey's sorcerer hat and was trying to get it back as he stumbled through different movie universes. The movies in the show were The Little Mermaid, Lion King, and Aladdin, to name a few. A very charming show to watch!

Another one of the new parts of Fantasyland was The Little Mermaid ride, which had been reconstructed to feature the castle from the movie and the shore where Ariel had washed upon! I was in absolute awe with all the detail and effort that they put into recreating the world from the movie. 

The Magic Kingdom was a wonderful park to visit! It was basically a bigger, more detailed and renovated version of Disneyland, so of course I enjoyed it quite a bit. There were, however, a lot more people in the Magic Kingdom than at Disneyland so the wait times were not pleasant. I still recommend going there if you ever have the chance. All of the attractions are wonderful amounts of fun!

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