Sunday, July 5, 2015

Anime Expo 2015 Haul!

This year, after about five years of yearning, I finally, finally, FINALLY got the chance to be able to go to Anime Expo this year! I never got to go before because of money, rides, etc. But this year, my boyfriend offered to take me so I happily accepted. Although it wasn't as fun as it could have been with my anime friends, I did have a good time and picked up some very cute things while I was there.

My first, and probably favorite, item was a print of Kuranosuke from my favorite anime, Princess Jellyfish. Princess Jellyfish, or Kuragehime, has gotten me through many tough times in my life and is my go-to feel good anime. I knew that I wanted to get a print of something from the anime there, and this Kuranosuke print was perfect! I bought it almost immediately for $7. It's colors are so sweet and wonderful to look at. I'm very excited to put this up on my wall. I didn't get to pick up the artist's business card, so if someone knows who drew this, please let me know so I can thank/credit them!

My next item are these super cute stickers I bought from an artist whose tumblr user is ghostspaces! All of her products were so lovely to look at. She had shirts, a zine, and these stickers for sale. All of her items were in colors that match my style, so I HAD to buy something. Her stickers were 3 for $5 and I'm very happy with the ones I got! I especially love the Moomin one lol. I'm not sure where I'll put these yet, but I'm really happy I have them. 

And finally, I got this super adorable bow from a lil booth that sold bows and shoe pins! I bought it for $4, a pretty good price in my opinion. My favorite part about it is the fabric and the way the little star patterns shimmer when you wear it. I'm definitely going to be wearing this bow quite often! The shop owner was a super cute and sweet lady with the most adorable voice. She was cosplaying as Bee from Bee and Puppycat and was just a sweetheart to me. Her name is muffu and she's an aspiring voice actress! Check out her youtube and other links to her profiles should be in her youtube too! 

I didn't take that many pictures with cosplayers because I was too shy to go up to any of them unfortunately ;; but i did take a few pictures at some cute booths~ 

So happy I got to see the Rilakkuma room! 

Anime Expo was such a fun time and I hope I can go again next year!!! I saw so many awesome cosplays and different types of merchandise, everything about the expo was just so fun. I can't wait to go back with my friends and maybe even make new ones while I'm there! If you see me at AX 2016, be sure to say hi!

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