Friday, October 11, 2013

Kill La Kill First Impression

One of the most anticipated anime for the fall season of 2013 is Trigger's latest creation: Kill la Kill. Fast paced, rash, blunt, exciting, it's been praised as the return of good anime. The first episode instantly got me hooked within the FIRST MINUTE, but there were still some things about it that made me feel wary about how the series will turn out to be overall. 

 The first few scenes of Kill la Kill were quite interesting. It overshadowed future and current events in the anime already, with the fascist like regime similar to Hitler's. The animation so far has gotten me hooked. It's fluid and clear as day! The story also interested me with the intro of the student council and the special uniforms with powers. My mouth was hanging open for a good amount of time.
 We meet our main character, Ryuko! Her appearance and language are very spunky. It didn't surprise me how she took the student council president head on, but it DID surprise me how they made her lose immediately. I totally thought she was gonna go all out badass. Buttttt she wasn't, which is good! Her voice actor suits her well and her personality overall is great. A very likable MC!
Aside from the amazing action scenes and fast paced excitement, one thing that disturbed me A LOT about Kill La Kill was the amount of fanservice they're hoarding into here. It's not exactly as bad as High School of the Dead's but just look at her uniform! It's really hard to enjoy the show when its emphasizing so much skin and boobies. I'm honestly hoping as Ryuko collects more "threads", her outfit will be more decent. But if not, it'll be hard for me to watch the show. 
All of that aside, I'm still impressed with how great Kill La Kill was! Trigger is best known for their work on the hit Gurren Lagann, so myself and others are really looking forward to how the rest of the series will go. Hopefully it won't be a fanservice anime, otherwise I'd be COMPLETELY let down. 

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  1. This anime is getting a lot of attention lately, and I think it's pretty good, aside from the plot being a little shallow and, as you mentioned, the fan service and stuff. But it does deliver when it comes to action scenes. They're pretty comparable to Gurren Lagann.

    I've also written my first impression of the show here.