Friday, October 11, 2013

Soondubuchigae; Favorite Food of the Month

The month of October is filled with many lovable things, from pumpkin spice lattes to Halloween candy. So much food filled me up, but my favorite food of the month would have to be something that's hot and spicy enough to warm me up: soondubuchigae!

Soondubuchigae is basically spicy tofu soup with your meat of choice. The broth is delivered to you boiling hot, hot enough to warm your soul! Usually a restaurants the spicyness can be adjusted to your liking as well. I chose pork with a medium spicy level. Yum~
I LOVE to eat my soondubuchigae with rice and korean short ribs! Korean BBQ is already pretty famous for its rich, savory flavor. Eating it with the spicy hot tofu soup and plain rice tastes like the cherry of a delicious sundae. I always end up so full after eating it!
To top it off, sundubuchigae can be eaten with various side dishes that are usually given to you. These include kimchi, seaweed, spicy cucumber, eggs, and falafel. They add a big kick to the flavor! So I definitely recommend eating soondubuchigae if you ever get the chance for the fall and winter season! If you live in the LA area, some places you can eat soondubuchigae are Lee's tofu and Cho Dang. Check them out! Bye!

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