Sunday, November 24, 2013

Two Door Cinema Club at the Greek Theater

On November 2nd, I got the pleasure of going to see Two Door Cinema Club, one of my all time favorite bands, live! I saw them at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles and the bands St. Lucia and Capital Cities performed. The energy was great and even the opening acts were fantastic. It was my first ever concert and needless to say, it was one of the greatest nights of my life. 

The Greek Theater had a lot of good seats, and even my seat in the terrace had a pretty good view of the stage. A friend told me that "there is no bad seat in the Greek Theater", and he was right! Almost every spot in the auditorium had a great view of the bands, save for the seats farthest in the back. 
The first opening act was a new and upcoming band called St. Lucia. Their genre of music is similar to that of  Two Door Cinema Club and Capital Cities. Because their a newer band, the audience didn't really dance much to them or give them much of a response. Still, their music was great! My personal favorite was "All Eyes On You." I recommend you check them out because their songs are cheerful and great. I hope they get more popular in the future, because even though their reception from the audience wasn't that great, they still played really well.
Capital Cities!!! Most people would know them from their chart-topping song, "Safe and Sound." "Safe and Sound" is a great song, so I was looking forward to listening to them perform. They opened with the song "Kangaroo Court," a jazz-y and amazing song. At one point, they even covered "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees! They brought great energy to the theater and when they played "Safe and Sound," it felt like a party. My favorite part about them was their trumpet player, who had AMAZING dance moves and killer talent. His name is Spencer Ludwig, check him out! 
And finally, the act that I paid $50 to see, my heroes, my loves, Two Door Cinema Club. The entire time that they were playing, I could not stop dancing and singing. As an avid fan and listener, I was familiar with most of the songs they played. They performed almost all of their songs from the Tourist History and Beacon albums as well as their new single, "Changing of the Seasons." The transitions between songs were so great, at one point you would get caught off guard by it! The whole stadium was dancing and singing and just having a fun time. The boys brought wonderful energy with them and sounded PHENOMENAL live. They ended their set list with "What You Know," their most popular song. It started off slow, but then quickly shifted to its usual hyped up beat. They were a wonderful band to see and its my goal to see them again from the GA Pit!
Probably one of the most amazing parts of the night was when after the concert, my friend and I got to meet and take a picture with one of the lead singers of Capital Cities, Sebu Simonian. I was totally starstruck and he was such a nice guy! I couldn't believe I got to meet him and it made my night a million times better than it already was. 
To tie it all together, the concert was amazing. It was filled with good vibes and great energy and I will definitely be seeing St. Lucia, Capital Cities, and Two Door Cinema Club again in the future. 

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