Monday, April 7, 2014

Beachy Spring Break

Hello my cute readers!! Sorry I haven't been posting lately, 2014 has already been very busy for me, but i'll try to start updating more frequently on my life and anime! 
I recently started my spring break and since it was such a beautiful day in sunny California, my best friends and I packed our things and headed out for a day at the beach ~ 

Most of us went tanning haaaa
upside down cat eyes 
my favorite sunnies that i got for $15!!! 
sleepy ginger friend 

Me and my best friend Nina! She borrowed my white heart shaped sunglasses and I had my fab cat eyes! 
he took my sunglasses aha;; 
wah ~ my cousin is so cute
it was a great day to sun soak it up and play around in the ocean and play volleyball even though my skin is so dry now sob sob ;;; 
happy spring break to me!! 

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