Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Day in LA

Today my parents and I took my cousin out for a day in downtown LA where we made stops at the Grammy museum, the City Target and delicious restaurants!

Notable grammy plaques we saw on the street! They didn't have 2014's Daft Punk plate yet though sobs 
The Pizza Studio had some great food. It's style is similar to Chipotle except with pizza! They had a starving artists special so my cousin bought a Margherita pizza while I got veggie lovers. It was amazingly good and they had some healthy alternatives for the crust such as flaxseed bread. The workers were sweet and the pizza filled me up, so I definitely recommend you go here if you happen to see one! 
First timing at Sprinkles cupcakes! Got the mini chocolate marshmallow and finally realized why so many people love coming here: cute delicious cupcakes!
The first thing I saw at the Grammy museum were these beauties. I DIEEEDDDD. They were the actual suits that Daft Punk wore when they played with Kanye West at the 2008 Grammy awards. I fangirled like crazy since it was probably the closest I'll ever get to meeting them. :-( 
The special Ringo Starr exhibit was wonderful. A lot of actual outfits, song lyric sheets, and photographs from the Beatles were featured and the exhibit blasted Beatles songs throughout the hall and it was just lovely. I felt so intimate especially reading up on the lives of the Beatles, particularly Ringo Starr! 
The day was hot but it was fun! I got to see some great stuff that you should too if you ever stop by downtown LA ~

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