Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Watamote Episode 7 Thoughts and Reaction

I thought that this week's of Watamote was especially interesting since it was the summer vacation episode and many of us could relate to it. The realizations that Tomoko come to from this episode
is both an eye opener and a laugh. No doubt could we see ourselves in what she did this week.

 Tomoko starts off her first few days of summer vacation in sweet bliss, doing what she does best: surfing the net, playing dating sims, and watching anime. However...
The more time passes, the more Tomoko realizes that she's been wastefully spending her time during summer vacation without doing a single thing to make it worth while. And so the episode goes on with her trying to find away to make the best of the time she has left. But this is Watamote, and of course things end up going not as planned. 

Episode 7 was really interesting to me. Most of the viewers who watched it simply laughed at Tomoko's attempts to create a typical high school summer vacation, but what I saw was little pieces of us within her. There have definitely been times where it's been days since we don't go out and socialize with people. We think that it's okay, but as Tomoko realizes, there's a limit to how much alone time you can spend.

Deep meanings aside, I still thought that episode 7 of Watamote was interesting and laughed at the despair she gives her younger brother, but as always I ended it feeling a heap of pity for Tomoko. I'm still debating whether to drop or continue the series. As a comedy, it's not satisfying me as much as it is for others. It's already over halfway done though, so I might as well stay along for the ride. Remember to spend the rest of your summer vacation wisely before it ends, everyone! 

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