Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Okonomiyaki and More Japanese Cuisine Adventures

Today my family took me out to a very quaint yet high quality Japanese Restaurant called Azuma Izakaya. I wanted to share the food experience and the dish I ordered!

This is what I got: okonomiyaki. It's a Japanese pancake filled with seafood and meat and laced with dressing and shredded dried radish. It tasted SUPER filling and delicious! The dish tasted both salty and sweet and made me full in such a short time. The experience was worth it , though! 

This was another dish that I enjoyed, ebi kagiaki. The food consisted of shrimp, fish and vegetables and eaten dipped in a miso-type sauce. It was delicious! 
Basic chicken teriyaki. 

And that was my culinary experience today. The food that I ate was fried and felt very high in calories and filling. While the taste may be good, eat responsibly! Nonetheless, I definitely encourage you to try any of these dishes. Japanese culture is filled with interesting and delicious food so hopefully in the future I'll be able to taste more types of dishes! 

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