Monday, June 24, 2013

AC:NL Journal #2: The Island!

Yesterday in New Leaf, for some reason, I got the island way earlier than I intended! It was a pleasant surprise. I was busy so I visited it at around 5 pm and I absolutely love everything about it. There's a 1,000 bell fee for Kapp'n to drive you there, which shouldn't be a problem. 

 Kapp'n is such a cutie pie. Now, one of the great things about the island is that you can catch a lot of rare bugs and fish that aren't available on the mainland, and I mean A LOT. 

Only a few of the many fish I caught! 
This is Leila, she likes playing "supermarket" and buys things from you for EXTREMELY cheap. I usually go to her when I want to get rid of sea bass and shells. 

I also played a few minigames with my brother and friends and got quite a few medals. I think that the gardening mini game is my favorite since after wards you get to keep any left over flowers in your pockets. 

And that's pretty much it! The island has so far been really useful, especially at night, for catching super rare bugs and fish. I stacked up around 300,000 bells in one night after just three trips. I've also been having tons of fun with the fun mini games. 

If you want to play or come visit me, my friend code is 4210-4089-6775!

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