Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Free! Episode 3 Reaction

Now I don't normally post reactions on individual episodes from anime, but I'll be making a few exceptions for ones that really catch my eye, got me pumped, made me emotional, etc etc. Today's reaction will be for Free! episode 3, where Rei Ryugazaki is formally introduced and recruited.
This'll honestly be me fangirling over how much of a babe Rei is but if you think so too then this post should be right up your alley~

 Quite a fitting title for our new recruit.
awww we'll see about that sugar lumps
JFC THOSE NECK MUSCLES. But Haruka was really pumped up when he heard that they needed one more member in order to use the indoor swimming pool.
 As a pole vaulter, I've gotta say, this scene was BEAUTIFULLY and very accurately animated!! I 100% enjoyed every second of it and Rei looked too gorgeous vaulting! It was one of my favorite scenes in the episode and made me fangirl like crazzzy.
awawawaw look at him blushing oh my god male tsundere moment ksjflskdfjdl!!!!!!!!!1!!!!11
"The main reason was because you looked beautiful." wow get married you two aND LOOK AT HIM BLUSHING AGAIN AAAHHH SO CUTE!!!!!!
Aw poor baby can't swim ubububu it's okay let me hug u bb

And once again, Haruka breaks hearts with his damn smokin' freestyle. But I mean he's the main character what more would you expect
I'll teach you if you wear that speedo again 
Looks like he's changed and approaching pole vaulting in a new style inspired by his Haruka sensei. Maybe he'll get over this time!!

And I end this episode and reaction post with another cute male tsundere blush from my new anime boyfriend hehehe. I don't think that Rei's debut couldn't have gone any better! It was a really fun episode to watch and it satisfied the fangirl side of me. Next week we should see Rei really making progress, you know, actually swimming and all. 

See you next time!

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