Friday, May 12, 2017

Costa Rica Trip 2016: Photo Album

SO amazingly overdue, but hello I am back with some updates on my life! In December I took a trip with my boyfriend and his family to the oh-so beautiful country of Costa Rica. We stayed in a tourist town called Tamarindo that was right by the ocean. It was a much-needed trip after a Fall semester filled with applications and suchhh

little big friend 

This beach was five minutes from the beach house we stayed at! Not too crowded either and we had access to a resort next to it that served us amazing french fries and sushi. I learned how to stand-up paddleboard and surf at this beach too~.

Insanely beautiful nature and sunsets. We went on a few excursions while we were there, my favorite being these breathtaking waterfalls! Got to swim and soak in the water, it was crazy refreshing.

The group + me n my mans

After the excursion we got some food and had some traditional Costa Rican food. I also had the cutest strawberry smoothie ever, with a starfruit and everything. 

More beautiful sunsets <3

Some pics of the beach club that we hung out at almost every single day. Renting the beach house we stayed at gave us access to it and it was just amazingly relaxing. There were cabanas, an infinity pool, a spa, and tables on the beach too. 

Our biggest excursion in Costa Rica was a trip to the Arenal volcano, complete with a walk through the rainforest and an afternoon in a hot springs resort. 

Views from up the mountain. This was ridiculously breathtaking, especially since I don't live around this much nature. 


Check out that volcano!!!

The last excursion we had was a safari cruise through the rivers of Costa Rica. 

Spotted on the cruise was a baby crocodile! It didn't move towards us and larger ones weren't nearby. 

Lil' crabs

More of one of my favorite things in the world: a damn good sunset. 

This vacation was much needed and I loved every second of it. 
Thanks for reading!!!